Sex And Fruit: What's Eating You?

Photography by Irma Oltra

Photography by Irma Oltra

What more can I say about the marriage of art, sex and fruit, than I’ve never seen a more visual innuendo personified. Mostly because it’s appeal, or lack thereof, lies more within the viewers mind than in the actual portrayal, you perverts - I’m only kidding, please don’t develop unhealthy complexes.

The internet has brought society a long way in the realm of not only sex, but more specifically sexuality. And fruit, well, fruit has always been the handsomer, more popular cousin to vegetables. Not necessarily the harbinger of sexual thoughts, but hey, does one really need much imagination to understand the two could be a match made in heaven?

In my opinion, it’s the juxtaposition of taking something wholly without eroticism, virginal, and marrying it with seeming promiscuity to deliver it into obscurity. Don’t you just love a contradiction? And don’t you just love a good NSFW read, minus the N?

So, in the interest of entertaining myself, yourself and all the other selves reading this article, we should remain aware of all the non-sexual, sexual things we do all day long. Staple some paper, pour a nice, hot cup of milk, tie your shoes slowly, but in the name of all things that are economical, please do not waste fruit. Although, if you do, don’t forget to upload it.




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