Get The Look: Jacquemus


Jacquemus, can we be best friends? His designs remind me of the sleek, sexy woman deep down inside of me, hidden under 20 boxes of chocolate, some Chipotle guacamole (I haven’t died, yet!) and a Nirvana Nevermind t-shirt.

Despite the fact that I cannot say Jacquemus three times fast, - or once, slowly, for that matter - I can't stop swooning over Simon's Fall 2018 collection. It's light and airy, yet rich and seductive, everything I've come to love in a collection. Having only been designing for just a few short years, the amount of acclaim Jacquemus has garnered within that time is only a testament to the dreamy, but most importantly, stylish wearability of his designs.

The designs are sleek and refined, with just the right understated hues of ivory, black and browns, which make up majority of the color chart. Although I love the carefully picked shades, my real admiration is hidden within my unreasonable fixation with turtlenecks and draped front dresses and tops. There’s something very simplistic about the right fit of a turtleneck or the subtlety of a delicately designed dress, giving a taste of what’s lurking just beyond the surface. My only vice would be the mini mini handbags. I know, I know, how dare I? They’re cute, abbreviated and utterly useless to hold my phone, or much less, my attention. Sorry, I had to state the obvious.

The offering ranged from chiffon dresses and low necklines to flowy caftans and splits, everywhere the splits. Beautifully designed and elegantly presented. Ending on a high note, this collection was inspired by Jacquemus’ trip to Morrocco, which feels very fitting; subtle and bold. I’m definitely in love.