Beauty File: This Tibetan's Stunning Features Are Taking The Fashion World By Storm


While the name Tsunaina may not be ubiquitous, yet, within the fashion world she’s been quite the hot topic. From being the muse of Katie Grand and Pat McGrath, to features in Dazed & Confused and the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Kahzastan, this Tibetan model is making a name for herself.

While Tsunaina admits she struggled a lot with self-esteem growing up and even present day, her stunning unique features are exactly what makes her beauty so rare.

Throughout history there have been faces so transcending they make a lasting impression on the world. Cleopatra to Caesar,

Tibetan model, Tsunaina, is no different. With her pillowy pout, freckled features and porcelain skin, this beauty is taking the modeling world by storm.


Images via Tsunaina Instagram

Kelly McIntosh