Dog collar, marijuana, barcode, repeat. Stripper poles, studded soles, grungy holes, retreat. Oh, the language of unrequited love.

Love is in the air, but not necessarily on the ground. Grunge is the look of choice for fall and this collection read as a pseudo emo, 90’s stoner-babe. With heavy metal bags, shortened hemlines and fresh-out-of-bed sleepwear, Alexander held no punches. And while I am a fan of anything that is a clear reminder to go back to bed, even I am on the fence with this very literal collection. So as I stare aimlessly, in a haze of perplexity that is hard to overcome, Mr. Wang answers the age old question, “what would Cher (Clueless) look like on a bad trip?” And apparently her nouns, verbs and adjectives make a grand emergence. Girls, tender, violator, strict and faded, were splashed across tights, sweaters and hats. The thing that stood out the most were the textures, everywhere the textures. Mohair, studs, tweeds, furs, suede. Aside from the Grunge for Dummies prerequisite “Doc Martens” and motorcycle boots (brilliant, albeit), the studded heels and suede & mohair sneakers were dreamy. Even the striped leathers and two-tone tights had me doing my happy dance. So while I continue to mull over this collection, I’ll leave Alex with a word of advice: Call me. 

Kelly McIntosh